Fullstack Web Developer (Part-time, Fully Remote)

WeTix - Selangor, Malaysia (Mar 2022 - Present)

Senior Frontend Developer (Fully Remote)

EasyStore.co - Selangor, Malaysia (Jan 2022 - Present)
  • Rewriting admin portal
  • Boosted development experience for the team
  • Develop several reusable components

Frontend Developer (Fully Remote)

WeTix - Selangor, Malaysia (Jul 2020 - Jan 2022)
  • Develop POS for sport booking
  • Develop a few admin portals for internal and external use
  • Aggregate various service provider’s API (Mobile Reload / Bill Payment)
  • Develop a very lightweight of web app to be portable into mobile app’s WebView
  • Communicate between micro-services with gRPC

Full Stack Engineer (Fully Remote)

VTapau - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Mar 2020 - Jul 2020)
  • Involving business development, product, tech, brainstorming
  • Put the website to production within 3 days from planning

Full Stack Engineer (Hybrid)

Victoria Home - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Aug 2018 - Jun 2020)
  • Worked in the Tech team independently.
  • Provided effective troubleshooting and remediation for web applications.
  • Remained dedicated to emerging technology and the latest digital marketing concepts.
  • Continually reinforce industry best practices.
  • Effectively multitasked and worked well with internal teams.

IT Intern

Victoria Home - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (May 2018 - Jul 2020)
  • Finished given task before the deadline
  • Able to deliver 3 MVP from scratch in 3 months