🇲🇾 Oyster Lee

Hello, World! I am Oyster. I was born and raised in Melaka, Malaysia. A city where full of heritage and tasty food. Also, I am a father of a son and a daughter.

You might be curious why I am called Oyster. My Chinese name is 升壕, which pinyin is the same as Oyster in Chinese, and my friends think it is easier to remember, so I have used it since then.

When I was 13, I used HTML and Adobe Flash to create a website for fun, and this passion carried me until today. I am a full-stack engineer with over 5 years of working experience in web development.

My specialties include quickly learning new skills and programming languages and problem-solving. So far, I have TypeScript, VueJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, SvelteJS, NestJS, ViteJS, Go under my belt. I am still enthusiastically exploring other programming languages, frameworks, or principles that I can integrate with my coding.